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Dr. Mike Ghali, Psychologist and Owner, on how individuals and couples can use therapy to create lasting positive changes in their lives and relationships.



Welcome to Individual and Couples Therapy, affectionately known as INC Therapy. We specialize in couples or marital therapy, anxiety management, communication skills training, and a range of other psychological services.  Our Psychologist, Dr. Mike Ghali, has been practicing individual and couples therapy for over a decade post-graduate. Dr. Mike's clients appreciate his warmth, deep-listening, connection, and ability to help them understand their own experience through a different lens. As a self pay or private pay service, INC Therapy can offer flexible scheduling and more devoted time to help you address your needs or improve your relationships. 


Dr. Mike has years of experience and positive outcomes with young adults, working professionals and executives, and couples at various stages of relationship. Understanding the complex roles and demands that many people experience, he knows that efficiency is important. Whereas many counselors spend time exploring irrelevant aspects of your past or applying manualized treatments that don't account for the nuances of your personal experience, Dr. Mike uses an integrative interpersonal approach to therapy to address your specific concerns and get right to work.

Therapy is often a different experience than counseling. In therapy, we invite much more in-depth exploration and provocation than what is typically experienced through counseling alone. We work best with individuals and couples who are ready to engage in therapy, are willing to work toward positive change, and who can not only can tolerate therapeutic provocation but seek it out as a means to create lasting healthy changes in their relationships. Dr. Mike offers single sessions and monthly therapy packages. Click below to get started!



Schedule a 15 minute telephone consultation with our Psychologist, Dr. Mike, to see if our services might be a good fit to help you meet your needs. Please click the Schedule button to begin.

Once your appointment request has been confirmed on our schedule, you will receive an email from "" with a link to sign the Consent for Initial Telephone Consultation form. We look forward to speaking with you.

Client Feedback

Former Couples Client

As a couple, we are doing pretty well and staying real close. We still have a few bicker sessions here and there but who doesn’t?  We end up navigating them well once she reminds me of you. You saved us/me.